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arstechnica.com’dan 2010’un en iyi 10 iPhone uygulaması

Ars staff picks: top 10 iOS apps of 2010
This American Life: Because $3 for on-demand access to an archive of over 400 excellent shows is a damn steal.
Amazon Price Check: This app doesn’t do much beyond the regular Amazon app, but it’s a bit more streamlined and very useful. Only use it at evil big-box stores, though.
The Economist: We look forward to reading through The Economist when it arrives each Friday. The iOS app replicates the magazine layout to a T and offers easy navigation from the table of contents. Best of all, if you’re a print subscriber, each issue is a free download.
Comic Zeal: The best comic reader we’ve found for iOS, and we’ve tried a bunch. It’s what makes the iPad better than a Kindle as a reader, because iBooks sure isn’t doing that.
Air Video: Super useful for local video streaming, saves trying to dump all your files on your iPad. We use it when we’re working out to stream files, for instance.
Elements: This app makes it easy to throw a few in-progress things on Dropbox and do a little editing while on-the-go.
Plants vs Zombies: Offers some fun, engaging games with great graphics that aren’t FPS.
Word Scramble Challenge Edition and Words with Friends: These two games have become our go-to time killers, which have had the side benefit of improving our vocabularies.
RunKeeper: A staff favorite, this app (both free and paid) has really helped us improve our running distances and paces.
Instapaper: Slap it on your phone or iPad, and you’ll always have something good to read, wherever you are.


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